Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey

Black and gold they are not just colors they are a nation. This are the official home colors of the Pittsburg city. A true honor of the fans to the team and the team to the fans. Show your Steeler pride with Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys available at the official online shop. We offer a vast selection of Steelers jerseys for men, women, and kids.

How to choose Pittsburgh Steelers jersey?

Get a comparison of the Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey's and how they feel on different type of bodies.

They come in four types medium(M), large(L), XL and XXL. The lengths are almost similar but mostly have a difference in widths and sleeve bagginess. Rough estimates to serve as guides are given below: M: 5.6 feet 150 pounds, L: 6 foot 170 pounds’ skinny, XL: 6.1 foot 215 pounds, XXL 6.3 220 pounds and up feel it nicely but can still be worn.

The difference of man, women and youth Pittsburgh Steelers jersey?

Women Pittsburgh Steelers jersey

If you enjoy the sort of authentic large fit jerseys. Men jersey is the best with size L with a tunic length width and kind of buggy weight of the sleeve.

If your personal preference is the flattering option for your body shape. The Pittsburgh Steelers small size jersey is the choice to go by. It has lost the sleeve bug fit and fits more like a t shirt.

Youth Pittsburgh Steelers jersey

The youth medium size jersey is the same as the women small but compromises more on the sleeve which is buggier than the women’s but not as the men's jersey. You can best consider it as your authentic summer jersey fit without feeling like a men's jersey.

The youth large has the same cut as the youth medium but has a large size, is a little longer and a little wider. I recommend them for outer games, winter games or if you going out in the middle of December because you can lay a tone under it. The youth size come as high as extra-large.

Wholesale Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys from China

How to custom Pittsburgh Steelers jersey?

At your selected Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys outlet- Custom and select your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and quantity. Personalization options are available for the product chosen including a player name & number or select your OWN name & number. Happy festivities.

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