Text Broadcasting Online: Send and Receive SMS

Text Broadcasting Online: Send and Receive SMS

Text SMS broadcasting and polling can be done online. It is an easy, fast and inexpensive method to send and receive sms broadcast text messages with hundreds or thousands of individuals. No hardware is needed and the machine is currently up and running. This guide is all about commercial and advertising text messaging, rather than sending personal texts to friends online.

85% Of the American people now carries a mobile phone with them and 2010 was the first year that texting eclipsed speaking as the preferred method of personal communication. Yes, people today are texting more than speaking. Most will tell you it is a more and quicker discreet way. Why spend ten minutes on a telephone call when you are able to accomplish the same thing in 5 minutes with texting.

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There are lots of benefits of text broadcasting, not the least of which is sending text vouchers to customers and prospects. You could use texting to send reminders, alarms, and announcements — whatever that needs messaging a group of people. Moreover, texting is also used to get messages like polling or voting solicitations that engage audiences and ask them for their opinions. Polling results can be reported in real time. In general, texting is the most recent and hottest way to communicate with clients, patrons or fans, and may be utilized in unlimited number of non-profit and commercial applications.

If you are only getting started with text broadcasting, also called text blasting, or mass SMS texting, there are a few things you will have to know.