Why horror movies are loved by people?

How is it that the human being can like to be afraid? As a famed researcher and psychologist said, “For as long as human thought has existed, fear is viewed with contempt”. If this statement is true, then why do so many people like to be scared? Perhaps there is no real answer, and cannot we really know why so many people enjoy when they are afraid. However, in this article, we will try to determine the origin of this particular emotion, often enemy and sometimes necessary. Visit this link for free movies.

Fear, what is it really?

Do we really know what fear is? A commonly accepted psychological current explains that this is a series of emotions related to a psychological process signaling possible dangers, stress, as well as particularly negative situations.

In reality, it is a series of systems that are activated at the physiological and behavioral levels in a concrete sense after having quickly assessed a singular situation as threatening. At first glance, our brain is already aware of the kind of fear that has awakened in us.

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Obviously, if our brain interprets the type of fear we face as a controlled situation, this can be of benefit to us. In other words, a controlled situation can be a horror movie, an attraction in a carnival, a party such as Halloween, etc.

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To be conditioned to be afraid

Our brains can be perfectly conditioned to be afraid of stimulation that they consider being the precursor of a threatening situation. Once again, fear, when presented in a context of control, is quite rewarding for many people.

Psychological reactions to fear

The positive or negative responses to fear are understood from the psychological reactions that occur in our brain. Depending on the stimuli received, we will be more or less able to interpret and understand this emotion.

Faced with a situation that causes fear, we can react in different ways; run, attack, run … whatever happens, our body will react by releasing adrenaline and raising the level of cortisol and blood sugar.

This huge discharge of our body, is it positive? In fact, if you are in a controlled environment and your mind knows for sure that there is no danger, a sense of pleasure will run through your body, which will then consume the substances it has released without interference. no real threat.

If everything is under control, the pleasure of fear can be an additional tool that can allow you to be in a better mood, a way to make a whim to your brain so that it gives a banquet of pleasant substances without anything or anyone does not prevent it. Obviously, the pleasure is there, if the lion does not appear for good.