Easy Ways to Identify Authentic Jewelry

Beautiful things should be worn, this is why jewelry exists. Pieces of jewelry are basically decorative items that can be worn. Jewelry can be created from different materials like precious metals. The price of the jewelry also depends on the materials that are used, if you are interested in gold you have to know how to choose an authentic piece of gold jewelry.

Gold is expensive which is why many people make an attempt to duplicate it. By knowing this, you have to be extra careful and vigilant when purchasing gold. American standards stipulate that fake gold is anything that is less than ten karats. To make sure that the gold is authentic, you only need to take it to a certified jeweler like Palm Springs jeweler and have it tested. If a jeweler is not available, you have to trust in your knowledge to identify gold.

Here are easy ways to identify authentic jewelry:

Visual inspection:

The basic thing you can do to check whether it is gold or not, is through visual inspection. The good thing is that there are marks that help identify whether it is authentic gold or not. The first mark that you should consider is a stamp indicating the fineness and karat of the jewelry. To make this easier, you need a magnifying glass.

Markings of old pieces are harder to recognize because of the wear. You have to know that counterfeit pieces often have markings that even appear authentic, which is why you need more testing. You should also check if there are noticeable discolorations. If it is authentic gold, it should not show any signs of discoloration. If the gold piece reveals different metal underneath it this means, it is gold plated and not authentic.

Magnet test:

Another easy test is by using a magnet. You already know thatgold is not magnetic in nature; this means, if the magnet attracts a gold piece it is not genuine. However, this method is not foolproof because many counterfeit products these days use non-magnetic metal to create a piece. If you still want to pursue this kind of test, you need a magnet that is strong. Do not use magnets from your refrigerator magnets.

Bite test:

You may have seen this method in movies; people bite a gold piece to make sure that it is authentic. You can also follow it, but this is not really a good method, because it has the potential to damage the gold piece and not to mention your teeth as well. But if you still want to pursue this, make sure that you bite the gold with just the moderate amount of pressure. After biting you can examine the piece for markings. If you see any dents caused by biting, it indicates gold. If the dents are deeper, it means the gold is pure.