What’s all the fuss about hair extensions?

What’s all the fuss about hair extensions?

Hair extensions are additional hair strands (could be human or synthetic) that are fused in with your hair to make it more voluminous and bouncy. Most people use hair extensions when they are in

  • Showbiz, modeling, theatre,and movies
  • To add volume to hair that may be less dense
  • As a way to add artificial color to your hair
  • For styling purposes

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Different Methods involved in Hair-Extensions

  • Strands of keratin covered hair are bonded to your natural hair using thermal energy.
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions: Natural Hair combined with strands of hair by a tape from both ends.
  • In Combination with Braids: After arranging your natural hair in braids, small’s strands are interwoven into these braids.
  • Choosing from these three options is a trade-off between money, choice,and type of hair.Jadore Hair extensions
  • Fusion is the most expensive can be used for any type of hair. This procedure takes a lot of time as well.
  • Tape-in too can be used for all hair type. Costs lesser than fusion, but requires frequent visits as they can be re-attached after two months.
  • Weave-in is the least expensive option with visits and re-attached like tape-in. These are best suited for strong hair with cornrow braid.

Difference between human and synthetic hair

Prize varies hugely depending upon the texture of hair; density and length.The best hair is the Remy hair which goes for as high as 100 Dollar.

Meanwhile,synthetic hair is very cheap.

Stuff to keep in mind

Always get your extension fixed or re-attached by professional to avoid damage to hair. Make sure that the color of the extension is the same as your natural hair color.

Don’t blindly go for shiny looking hair. They might be covered in silicone which will wear out eventually and leave your extensions frizzy and tangled.

Make sure that the density of your natural hair matches the density of hair extensions so that undue burden is not laid on scalp and root leading to damage.