Have a majestic view of dewasanzan

Mt. Haguro is available to a person throughout the year but the Mt. Yudono and Mt. Gassan remains closed during the winter because of the heavy snow. The peak timing of the visiting the place is from July lasting till mid of the October. Festivals at the place are held every now and then to celebrate the opening of the shrines and closing too. At the time of winter, the stairs of Mt. Haguro are covered with snow and that makes it extremely difficult to climb the mountain. However, the main shrine makes sure that there is a protective covering against the snow.

Food and canteen at Haguro:

There are restaurants and food canteen available at the top of the mountain. They remain open during the daytime. Gassan’s 8th station which is a bus dropping place offers a snack shop and the restaurant serves some simple meals like udon and soba.

It is necessary to keep plenty of water for the Mt. Yudono and Mt. Gassan by your side as one might face difficulty in finding water along the trail. There are many places where a person can eat at the 8th and 9th station on the top of Mt. Gassan.


Accommodation option at the summit:

For anyone looking for accommodation is an option which is available at the 8th station and there is an availability to stay in a mountain hut that is near the Mt. Gassan summit which can be reserved in advance if one wants to be assured of a night stay in the most beautiful place.

The training of Shugendo is a form of mountain worship being unique to Japan that is running from the time of Buddhism and the Mikkyo religion combined with the worshipping of nature and so it is, therefore, a combination of the three religion as opposed to a person.

A person should start with climbing Mt. Haguro first followed by the Mt. Gassan and Mt. Yudono together at the same time. Another good idea will be setting up a base at the Shukubo pilgrim lodge on the mt.haguro that brings an experience of the finest hospitality of Yamagata. It is possible to pack stuff for a hike on the mountain and leave the unnecessary belongings at the Tsuruoka station.

Plan your trip and get close to soul and nature in an easy way.